Meeting face-to-face with your state legislators is a powerful way to defend your solar rights

This fall, many state Assemblymembers and Senators are going to be holding local Town Hall meetings, open houses, and other “meet and greet” events for constituents like you. We encourage you to sign up and attend these events and ask them to do more to repeal the Utility Tax, and to keep rooftop solar growing.

To be clear, everything you do matters. Thank you!

You should feel proud of any action you take, big or small. Some people make a difference through actions, some through donations, some through both. Solar Rights Alliance is more than 100,000 strong and many hands make light work. As we continue to build the Alliance, every little bit helps push decision-makers to stand up to the utilities and support rooftop solar.

Getting face-to-face with your state Assemblymember and Senator is very powerful

Your Assemblymember and Senator both spend a good chunk of the year in Sacramento. But they often come back to your local area to hold local Town Hall meetings, open houses, and other “meet and greet” events.

These local events are usually open and free to all constituents and require very little travel. Attendees almost always get a chance to have a short, informal conversation with the legislator. Compared to the number of people legislators represent, relatively few people attend these events. That means when you do attend, your voice stands out!

Steps to getting face time with your local legislators

  • Get on the email list for your local Assemblymember and Senator. Also call their office to find out if there are any upcoming local events. Look up the websites for your representatives here.
  • You will then receive notices when they hold local events. If the events fit your schedule, consider attending and speaking with them about the pressing solar issues of the moment.
  • Here are some suggested talking points for conversations with your legislators. Here is a handout you can print and give to them.
  • If you can bring a friend or family member with you to your local Assemblymember’s Town Hall meeting, it helps show that your concerns are shared by others.
  • Before you attend: contact us at [email protected], and we can schedule a short phone call to give you guidance for your conversation with your legislator.

Sign up for a training on how to meet with your legislators!

Every Thursday at 2:40 pm, we will hold an online training on how to effectively persuade your state legislators.

Thank you for all you do!

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