You have the right to make energy from the sun without interference.

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The utilities are attacking solar.
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Good news: Cities can’t tax your solar thanks to state lawmaker action

State lawmakers took a stand for your right to make solar energy by ensuring local governments can’t tax your solar. Background: local governments often charge taxes on services like cable and electricity. They’re called Utility Utilization Taxes (UUT). A few years ago, state lawmakers correctly recognized that you should not get taxed for the solar energy that you make and…

New solar fees as high as $60/month proposed by utilities across CA

San Diego Gas & Electric and many cities are attacking rooftop solar with charges as high as $60 per month on solar users. Solar users fought this nonsense off in Sacramento, and you should too. This is exactly why we need a Solar Bill of Rights to prohibit fees that discriminate against people for making solar energy on their property….

California hits one million solar roofs milestone

This year, the one millionth solar roof system was installed in California. That’s a fifty-fold increase since 2006. It’s a huge milestone, and worth celebrating because solar has been great for the people of California. Leadership and policy got us to 1 million We got this far because of some good decisions state leaders made in 2006. Back then, only…