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The utilities are attacking solar.
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Blueprint for the Utility of the Future

It is time for utilities to join the 21st century or get left in the dust. Here’s what Sacramento area solar users recently proposed to their local utility, SMUD. Nearly 1,000 SMUD customers signed a petition in support of this proposal. Could this be the blueprint for the utility of the future? September 3, 2019 Proposal for SMUD to Partner…

A huge power outage just happened. Utilities keep attacking solar & storage. State officials stand aside. What’s wrong with this picture?

We have four take-homes from this week’s PG&E power outage: Outage take-home #1: Our electrical grid is fragile. Solar and battery storage should be a key strategy to move us forward These two articles frame the issue well: From Fast Company Magazine: To keep the lights on during California’s blackouts, people are using solar power “Between the solar and the…