You have the right to make energy from the sun without interference.

Utility monopolies are threatened by California’s solar progress: don’t let them pull the plug on the future.

We believe you have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference by the utility. 

The threat to solar

PG&E, So Cal Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric are lobbying the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make consumer solar twice as expensive than it is today. This would put solar out of reach for the working and middle class, just when it is taking off.

Eight take-homes from the LA Times rooftop solar story

This week, the LA Times published a story about the fight over rooftop solar, followed up by a smaller article. Here’s eight take-homes from the story. 1) Everyone loves rooftop solar, including working and middle class people. By featuring new solar user Marta Patricia Martinez, the LA Times illustrated an important fact: just under half of all new solar is…

AARP Doubles Down on their Confusion About Solar

The national association of senior citizens, AARP, recently doubled down on their confused position about rooftop solar. In doing so, AARP remains aligned with PG&E and the other California utilities’ efforts to double the cost of rooftop solar. This is unfortunate, and against the interests of senior citizens and all ratepayers suffering from blackouts and ever-increasing electricity bills. Background: AARP…

California’s Ratepayer Advocate Working Against Consumer Solar

For decades, the Utility Reform Network (TURN), has been an advocate for ratepayers, working to hold utilities like PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E accountable. They’ve done some good work over the years. Unfortunately, TURN is now using their reputation to attack rooftop solar. Their proposal to the CPUC is similar to the one made by the utilities: hit solar users with…