You have the right to make energy from the sun without interference.

Stand up to the utility attack on rooftop solar

We believe you have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference by the utility. 

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LA Times: Solar & batteries to the rescue!

This week’s LA Times reports that increasing the number of solar homes and businesses with battery backup could help avert massive power outages during next summer’s likely heat waves. Here’s seven take-homes from the article: 1) When rooftop solar is paired with a battery, the extra solar energy can get stored in the garage and used when the sun gooes…

Six tips for buying a solar-powered battery

Thinking of getting a solar-powered battery for your home or business to protect you from the next power outage? Here’s six tips to help you figure it all out. Solar-powered batteries can let you keep — and use — all of your solar energy Depending on its size, a battery storage system installed at your home or business stores all…