You have the right to make energy from the sun without interference.

State officials just proposed to send rooftop solar off a cliff. We have until December 15th to stop them.

We believe you have the right to make energy from the sun on your property without unreasonable interference by the utility. 

The threat to solar

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has proposed to make it much more expensive for consumers to go solar starting in April 2023.

Specifically, the CPUC is proposing to slash by 75% on average the credit that new solar users receive for sharing their extra energy with the grid. The CPUC’s proposal would put solar out of reach for the working and middle class, just when it is taking off.

170,000 people have submitted an official public comment in favor of making rooftop solar more affordable, not less

Over 170,000 Californians have submitted a written public comment in favor of making rooftop solar more affordable, not less. More people have commented on this issue than any other in CPUC history.

Thousands of people have marched in the streets for rooftop solar

Over the last eleven months, in nine cities across California, more than three thousand solar workers, solar users, environmentalists and social justice advocates have taken to the streets calling for Gov. Newsom and the CPUC to stand up to the utilities’ efforts to squash rooftop solar.

More than a thousand people have packed CPUC meetings

More than 1,200 people have called into CPUC meetings over the last few months to give public comment, often waiting for hours to make their voices heard. Over 90% of all the public comments have been for making rooftop solar more affordable, not less.

The state itself says that we need to triple the amount of solar on the grid

The state’s Energy Commission reports that California needs to more than triple the amount of solar currently on the grid in order to meet its clean energy goals. 

Yet, the CPUC’s proposal will certainly slow down rooftop solar. When others states and localities made similar cuts to the solar credit, solar adoptions fell by half or more. 

And yet here we are, with a proposal from state leaders to make it harder for everyday people to get solar

It is the wrong direction for California and will harm consumers in desperate need for more tools to protect themselves from rising utility bills and blackouts.

Take Action: Stop this Utility Profit Grab. Help keep solar growing!

Please make your voice heard!

Update: state officials release new rooftop solar proposal

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finally released the long-awaited, revised proposed decision about rooftop solar. The changes they are proposing are still dramatic. Below are some initial takes. Watch an in-depth webinar outlining the details of the CPUC’s proposal. Take action: Tell Gov. Newsom to Keep Solar Growing Fact sheet Key details Most consumers who get solar after April…

The net metering policy that puts consumers at the center

Most people, including Governor Newsom, agree that the CPUC’s proposed rooftop solar decision (Net Energy Metering 3.0 or “NEM3”) needs to be changed. The billion dollar question now is, “what changes will Governor Newsom and the CPUC make?”  Since the CPUC’s original proposal from December is so extreme, measuring the effectiveness of the Governor’s response must be based on basic…

Update: Solar Tax defeated, again!​

We are happy to report that the authors of SB 846 have agreed to clarify in writing that the bill will not impose a Solar Tax on the solar energy you produce and consume at home.  In other words, you helped defeat the Solar Tax. Again. This is the third time in the last year we have had to fight to…