Clean Power for the People March 18th Day of Action

March 18th Day of Action

Though we can’t rally together and make a statement to SMUD in person due to current public health concerns, there are still many ways you can make your voice heard. Please join us today in taking action and asking SMUD for a renewable energy future for Sacramento. Here are some suggestions – the more you do, the better!

1. Post on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and tag SMUD.

Here’s some sample language you can use for your post:
“We are in a climate crisis and we need our leaders to step up. @SMUDupdates please live up to your environmental reputation by closing your fossil fuel plants by 2030 and please work with the community to promote more rooftop solar. Sacramento needs a cleaner energy future. #tellSMUDcleanpower”
Tags to use: 
Twitter – @SMUDupdates
Facebook – @SMUD
It’s best to include a photo with your post – take a photo of yourself wearing yellow!
BONUS: take a video of yourself giving public comment to SMUD about their recent actions and their upcoming plans, then post it on social media and tag SMUD. 

2. Call SMUD HQ and leave a message.

Call 916-732-6155 or 916-732-5079

Sample language for your message:

“Hi, my name is [Full Name] and I’m a resident in [Neighborhood]. I’m calling because I’m concerned that SMUD is not living up to its reputation as an environmental leader. Please close down your fossil fuel power plants by 2030. Please also increase your efforts to help the community make more local solar energy. Thank you.”

3. Sign our petition, if you haven't already.

Go to and fill out your info.

4. Send this information to 5 friends and ask them to take action today!

Send them the link so they have all the information they need to make their voice heard.


5. Learn more!

Check out our main campaign page

Holler if you have any questions by emailing mireille [at]

Thank you for all you do!