SMUD: Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

SMUD: Stop Burning Fossil Fuels. Promote Rooftop Solar

Dear SMUD Board of Directors:

We respectfully request that you adopt a plan to:

  • Stop burning fossil fuels by 2030.
  • Step up your efforts to encourage more clean energy, including solar energy on local residents’ rooftops along with solar-charged batteries.

SMUD should be aggressively phasing out fossil fuels and simultaneously doing more to encourage the community to make and store solar energy at home and at work. 

I am concerned that SMUD is going in the opposite direction. SMUD has no plans to cease the use of fossil fuels, and is actually making it harder for residents to go solar, penalizing solar homeowners for generating pollution-free electricity right at home. This is not the Sacramento way. 

With SMUD once again as a solar energy champion, more homes, apartment buildings, schools, and businesses could tap into Sacramento’s year-round sunshine to reduce air pollution, lower energy bills, generate more reliable electricity and combat the climate crisis.

Thank you,