Tell SMUD: Clean Power for the People

SMUD operates five fossil fuel plants with no plans to shut them down

These gas-fired plants are adding to our already unhealthy air as well as harming public health in nearby communities that already suffer from pollution and poverty: Coin Estates, Colonial Village and North Highlands.

By 2040, SMUD will still emit 1,000,000 metric tons of global warming pollution each year

SMUD uses accounting techniques to inaccurately claim they will be “zero carbon” by 2040. In reality, SMUD must phase out the burning of fossil fuels entirely in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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Meanwhile, SMUD actively discourages rooftop solar

SMUD is also making it harder for members of our community to be a part of the climate solution by adding solar panels to their home or business. SMUD is discouraging rooftop solar by:

  • Pushing to keep solar off of new homes
  • Pushing a proposal to tax solar panels on homes and businesses
  • Preventing renters from easily accessing solar

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We are in a climate crisis. SMUD needs to do more to lead the way.

SMUD’s current plan to burn fossil fuels beyond 2040 while penalizing residents who wish to do the right thing is the wrong path for Sacramento.

SMUD: Be A Clean Energy Leader!

Almost thirty years ago, SMUD closed down the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant and helped put rooftop solar in the hands of everyday consumers.

It was a pioneering move, and it worked. Solar energy, previously used only on off-grid homes in rural areas, became a source of clean, local power in an urban environment. SMUD was recognized around the world for its innovative leadership. SMUD should return to its forward-thinking innovative ways.

More reading: background on the Rancho Seco plant closing

Stop burning fossil fuels

SMUD must commit to closing down its natural gas power plants by 2030, in accordance with the City of Sacramento’s recent Climate Emergency Declaration. Other utilities in places like Los Angeles have already made similar commitments.

More reading: Sacramento Climate Declaration & Los Angeles’ plans to close their power plants

Help more people to make and store solar energy at home and at work

Nearly 24,000 Sacramento area homes, apartment buildings, parking lots, schools and businesses have rooftop solar. This covers almost 4% of SMUD customers. It is a good first step but only a start. Through Net Energy Metering, rebates, streamlined permitting, and promoting the new solar homes law, SMUD should help tens of thousands more do the same, using Sacramento’s year-round sunshine to reduce air pollution, lower energy bills, and generate more reliable electricity.

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