Thank your legislator for taking a stand on the Utility Tax, next steps

Thank You! Here's two additional actions you can take to drive your message home:

1) Call your Assemblymember

A quick follow up call after sending an email can be powerful. Look up your Assemblymember’s phone number by putting your street address and zip code in the boxes below and click “Find Your Officials”. Here’s a sample phone message:

Hi, my name is ____. I live in ____. I want to thank the Assemblymember for signing the letter opposing a high Utility Tax. Thank you for taking a stand for your constituents. I would also love to know what the Assemblymember’s next step is to rein in the Utility Tax. Thank you.

2) Attend a local town hall meeting (if there is one in your area)

This is hands-down, the most effective way for you to make your voice heard. Check this list to see if your legislator has a town hall meeting coming up. If you don’t see an upcoming event, call their office to ask if anything is being planned. 

If you do attend a town hall meeting, here’s some tips on what to say:

  • Thank them for signing the letter to the CPUC
  • Pose a question: “What is the next step? Will you introduce legislation to repeal the Utility Tax?”
  • This information sheet can help you make an “elevator pitch”. You can also print and give them this handout.  
  • Don’t monopolize their time. Other constituents will want to speak too. Be brief. Consider practicing what you will say beforehand.
  • If you attend or have questions, let us know! Email us at [email protected]

Thank you for everything you do!