State officials latest rooftop solar proposal will still send solar off a cliff

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) finally released the long-awaited, revised proposed decision about rooftop solar. The changes they are proposing are dramatic. (Note: the above link includes the CPUC’s 12/14/22 updates to their proposal)

Watch an in-depth webinar outlining the details of the CPUC’s proposal.

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Fact sheet

Key details

  • Most consumers who get solar after April 2023 will see an average 75% reduction in the credit they receive for sharing their extra energy with the grid – from an average of $.30/kWh to about $.08/kWh.
  • Churches, schools or businesses who go solar after April 2023 will see an even bigger reduction in the solar credit.
  • The proposed changes will affect new solar users starting April 2023.
  • Protections for existing solar users will remain in place with no changes (NEM1 or NEM2) for twenty years from the date their system turned on.
  • There is no solar tax in the CPUC’s most recent proposal.

How this proposal will harm solar

  • When other states and localities made similar cuts to the solar credit, solar adoptions plummeted by half or more.
  • That’s because these deep cuts shrink the monthly savings from solar. That extends the length of time it takes to pay off a solar investment to longer than most people can afford.
  • The CPUC’s proposal will nearly double the length of time it takes for a solar investment to pay back.

Utilities will now be able to make a 4x profit off of their customers’ solar energy, even though the utility spent nothing to produce that energy.

We are pushing hard for changes that ensure that people who want solar are not shut out. This is the last phase in our long, grueling fight to stop the utilities from squashing rooftop solar. Are you ready?


The CPUC has scheduled a final decision for their December 15th meeting. Whatever they decide will go into effect 120 days after a final decision. So if they decide on December 15th, it will go into effect on April 15, 2023.

“My name is ___ and I live in ____. The CPUC’s latest rooftop solar proposal is still too extreme. We need you to step in. California should be doing more, not less, to promote rooftop solar. We know that you have a say in the CPUC’s decision. Please be a leader.”

More to come very soon. Thank you for your continued vigilance.