Thank you! We’re 70% on our way to our 2019 goal.

Thanks to the generosity of many solar users, Solar Rights Alliance is starting 2019 in a good financial position to defend and expand the freedom of solar energy in 2019. Our end of the year fundraising drive puts us 70% towards our 2019 budget, a good start for what will be a very busy year.

When we started Solar Rights Alliance last year, we decided to make it free to join, so that as many people as possible could come together and defend their right to make their own solar energy.

That said, we rely on member donations to keep the doors open and the lights on. Our $15,000/month budget consists of:

  • A website to keep us all connected, and connect you to your elected officials.
  • One staffperson to keep track of what the politicians, regulators and utilities are up to, alert the public when there is a threat to your investment, and recruit more solar users to join so we have the biggest voice possible.
  • A small amount of overhead costs: travel, printing, legal fees.

Thanks to so many people’s generosity, we’re starting the year in good shape and two-thirds of the way towards meeting our 2019 budget.

For a brand new grassroots organization, that’s pretty good. Assuming we can raise at least another $60,000 over the course of the year, we will be in good position to┬ádefend net metering from attack, and to introduce and fight for a Solar Bill of Rights that protects everyone’s right to make their own energy from the sun. We should also be able to grow from about 7,000 current members to 20,000, so that our voices continue to grow in power.

Thanks to all who contributed during the end of the year fundraising drive. If you want to make a donation, head over to our donation page. If you are interested, but still have questions about how your funds will be spent, email Executive Director Dave Rosenfeld at [email protected].

Thank you!


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