SMUD GM #1 solar

Tell SMUD: Hire a General Manager who values community self-reliance through solar

Dear SMUD Board of Directors:

I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy. As you consider candidates for the next SMUD General Manager, please prioritize a collaborative leader who will help our community become more self-sufficient, and will encourage, not discourage more residents and businesses to make and store solar energy.

The need for more community resilience is an important lesson of the COVID crisis. Everyone wins when more people become more self-sufficient with solar and battery storage. More community members can cut their energy bills and keep their lights on during emergencies, while also sharing stored power with their neighbors when they most need it.

SMUD’s new leader should innovate and collaborate with our community. That means someone who can listen to the public and empower the community to be a part of the solution, so that we can better confront the immense challenges ahead.”