Alert: SMUD launches new attack on rooftop solar

Even as power outages rip through the state, SMUD is pushing a flawed study that grossly undervalues the benefits of rooftop solar, and hands SMUD the excuse they need to discourage rooftop solar in Sacramento.

Please submit a personalized note to SMUD today, outlining in your own words why the community needs more rooftop solar, not less. Speak from the heart, or use the information below and in this fact-sheet to prepare your comments. Submit your public comment at SMUD’s website (scroll to the bottom of their web page to submit).

It should take you twenty minutes and will impact the future of solar in Sacramento. The deadline for comments is this Sunday, August 23rd.

Background: SMUD is considering whether to slow down the growth of rooftop solar in Sacramento. As part of that process, they wrote a report that claims to impartially calculate the benefits and costs of rooftop solar. But instead of being impartial, SMUD’s solar report uses fine print and accounting tricks to create an excuse to discourage rooftop solar with new fees and deep cuts to the net metering credit. 

Please take action today by submitting a public comment to SMUD. Remember, it was your voices that got SMUD to cancel their proposed $40-$60/month fee on solar users last year. I cannot stress how important it is for you to speak out now.

  • The deadline to submit a comment is this Sunday, August 23rd (but please do it today).
  • Submit your public comment at SMUD’s website. Scroll to the bottom of their site to submit.
  • You can use this fact-sheet to learn more details. However, it is most important you speak from the heart about why rooftop solar is essential for our community and should be encouraged, not discouraged. 
  • It should take you twenty minutes. We need these letters to be personalized to show the SMUD Board people are paying extra close attention.

Holler at [email protected] or schedule a short call with Solar Rights Alliance director Dave Rosenfeld to get your questions answered.

Thank you for all you do!