SBOR action – co-authors

Tell your lawmakers: Thank you for working to ban anti-solar fees 

“Dear state lawmaker:

I hope you and your family are safe during this COVID-19 pandemic and that the important work of the state legislature is able to reconvene soon. I want to thank you for co-authoring the Solar Bill of Rights (SB 953). I absolutely support your effort to ban utilities from penalizing solar users with discriminatory fees. I hope when the legislature reconvenes we can work together to pass the bill.

As you know, discriminatory solar fees discourage people from choosing solar and battery storage, cutting their energy bills, reducing their burden on the grid, protecting themselves from power outages and cleaning up the environment.

These fees double-dip solar users who are already paying the same fixed monthly fees that other ratepayers pay. 

We would never let utilities charge fees for installing LED lightbulbs or energy efficient appliances. In turn, we should make sure utilities can’t charge fees just for choosing solar and battery storage.

Please keep up the fight – you have my support. Let me know how I can help!

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