NEM3 Jan 22 Rally SF

Save Solar Phone-In at the CPUC

March 17th @ 9am | San Francisco

One year ago, the utilities launched their attack on rooftop solar, using deceptive propaganda aimed at cutting off Californians from true energy freedom.

Despite an overwhelming backlash from the public, Gov. Newsom and the CPUC have still not explained why the state would even consider making rooftop solar unaffordable. 

Their silence is deafening. It’s time for us to get loud again. 

At 9am on 3/17, we will gather in front of the CPUC office to outline all of the questions that Gov. Newsom and the CPUC have not yet addressed. At 10am, we will encourage everyone to pick up their phones and dial into the CPUC meeting to give a personal one-minute public comment from the front steps of the commission.

Bring a cushion or a folding chair, we’ll bring the refreshments.

Can’t make it? No problem! Call Governor Newsom on the 17th, even if you already called. Here’s his number and a sample script