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The sun belongs to everyone, but big utilities like PG&E are trying to block the sun.

Popular policies like net metering are helping millions of middle and working class Californians install solar panels on their rooftops to save money and clean up our air.
Big utilities are lobbying to block our solar progress by making solar twice as expensive.  It’s a profit grab that will harm the public. Help us stop it. 

The Sun Belongs To Everyone

  • Over 2,000 schools, 1,000 farms, 300 apartment buildings and over a million homes are powered directly by the sun.   
  • Every day, 400 new consumers plug into the sun to save money and do their part to reduce air pollution and stop climate change.

Keep the Lights On With Sun-Charged Batteries

  • Increasingly, consumers are adding a battery to their solar system to provide reliable energy for their home or business. This is one of the best ways to protect people from blackouts and we should be helping millions gain access to it. 

Rooftop Solar Reduces Utility Bills For Everyone

  • Maximizing rooftop solar could save ratepayers $120 billion over the next thirty years.
  • In 2018 alone, rooftop solar and energy efficiency prompted the state to scale back more than 20 power line projects, saving $2.6 billion. This trend has continued since.

The Big Utility Profit Grab Hurts Working Families the Most

PG&E, So Cal Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric are lobbying the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make consumer solar twice as expensive than it is today. Their plan:
  • Charge consumers between $56 and $91/month just for having solar panels on a home. Schools and churches with more panels would pay between $950 and $3,400 / month.
  • Slash the credit consumers receive for surplus solar electricity sent back to the grid by 77%
This will make solar unaffordable for most people, right when just under half of all new solar is going into working and middle class neighborhoods. This will also ruin thousands of small, locally-owned solar businesses and threaten over 60,000 jobs

We should keep solar growing, and make it more equitable

We should keep rooftop solar and battery storage growing, and to make it more equitable so that millions of working class households and communities including renters have access to solar in the next few years.

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Let's stop the Utility Profit Grab. Please join us in speaking out.