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Don't let the utilities pull the plug on solar. Take action today!

To Gov. Newsom (cc: CA Public Utilities Commission):

“Now, more than ever, you need to protect the public from power outages and high energy bills.

Over a million people, schools, farms and businesses are already using rooftop solar to control their energy bills. Many are also using solar-powered batteries to keep their power on during outages. You should help millions more to to do the same.

PG&E, SDG&E and SoCal Edison are are lobbying your administration to discourage rooftop solar and gut net metering. Net metering lets people use the sun for their energy needs and share the extra with their neighbors for a bill credit. It should be strengthened, not weakened.

Consumers are watching you and counting on you to take their side. Please stand up to the utilities and keep solar growing.

[CPUC Docket #: R.20-08-020]

The Utility Profit Grab is an effort to kill rooftop solar just as it is taking off in middle and working class communities.

The utilities are proposing to:

  • Charge consumers between $56 and $91/month just to have solar.
  • Slash the credit consumers receive for surplus solar electricity sent back to the grid by 77%. 
  • Prevent consumers from carrying forward their unused solar credits from month to month. 

The facts

  • The utilities profit by spending as much ratepayer money as possible building and maintaining long-distance power lines. 
  • Long-distance power lines are why utility bills have gone up so much, and the ones that sparked wildfires and caused blackouts. 
  • Rooftop solar reduces the need to spend as much money on long-distance power lines, saving all ratepayers money.
  • Rooftop solar, paired with a battery, also protects households and entire communities from power outages.

In-depth fact sheet

Save California Solar campaign website, a joint project of Solar Rights Alliance and our coalition

Let's stop the Utility Profit Grab. Please join us in speaking out.