NEM3 ACC Resolution 5150 solar worker

Tell Gov. Newsom: No sneaky votes to gut rooftop solar

Dear Gov. Newsom,

The CPUC must table Resolution 5150 and remove the bias that undercounts the value of rooftop solar.

It is concerning that the CPUC is planning to make major changes to the method it uses to calculate the value of rooftop solar without meaningful public discussion.

Furthermore, the proposed changes appear on the face of it to favor of the utility point-of-view, and give the CPUC an excuse to adopt the utilities’ proposals to gut rooftop solar with new monthly fees and drastic cuts to the credit solar users receive for sharing extra solar energy with the neighbors.

The recent public outcry against utility efforts to gut rooftop solar in the Legislature should make it clear that the public supports the continued growth of rooftop solar, and expects an open and fair process at the CPUC on this matter.