NEM3 #1 transmission avoided

Tell state regulators: Don't ignore the benefits of solar!

To the CA Public Utilities Commission
I am concerned that the CPUC is ignoring or underestimating the myriad societal benefits of rooftop solar and battery storage. 

For example:
– Solar and efficiency helped cancel or scale back over 20 transmission projects in 2018 alone, saving the state over $2.6 billion. 
– Every kilowatt of clean rooftop solar reduces global warming pollution.
– Rooftop solar & storage is allowing millions of people to use the grid less frequently. This reduces the risks of wildfires and outages for everyone.

These are documented facts that must be reflected in your future decisions about solar. Getting this wrong will cause the Net Metering credit to get unnecessarily cut, slash the number of people who choose solar and storage, and stymie the state’s efforts to make the grid more reliable while reducing pollution.”

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