Letter to the Editor Toolkit

Tips for Writing & Submitting a Letter to the Editor

Even in today’s digital age, politicians still read Letters to the Editor to get a finger on the pulse of the voters. 

We want Gov. Newsom and his advisors to read dozens of thoughtful letters written by people like you in newspapers across the state calling for Gov. Newsom to take a stand for rooftop solar.

Below are some tips for drafting and submitting your letter to the editor. After you review, please use the form at the bottom to let us know you intend to submit a Letter to the Editor. This prompts us to look for your letter. Thank you!


  1. Your letter should be 150 words.
  2. Focus on one point and drive it home. Statistics are good, but use only one. Here’s a fact sheet with info. 
  3. Respond directly to a recent article in the paper you are submitting the letter to. Anything related to energy, utilities, blackouts or the environment suffices. 
  4. Make it personal. Use plain language, from the heart. 

How to submit your letter

Submission instructions vary by newspaper. Search “Letters to the Editor” within your local newspaper and it will provide instructions. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure your letter is considered. 

Need more guidance?

Email info@solarrights.org if you have questions.