Keep those panels clean

This summer, give your panels a rinse. It doesn’t have to be hard, and can improve your system performance. Get the quick tips, courtesy of solar pioneer Al Rich, President and Founder of ACR Solar.

1) Make sure your panels get one good cleaning every year for best performance. “My experience is that cleaning solar panels when they get that dusty look can increase production by 10 or more percent. It did that for my system when we really scrubbed them clean in August last year.”

2) If you live in a one-story house, you may be able to clean the panels yourself from the ground. “On a one story house it is much easier to create artificial rain by pointing a hose upwards and having the water splash down on the panels to take dust off.”

3) If you live in a bigger house, it is possible to clean the panels yourself by getting on the roof. “Ours is a 2 story house so it is quite an operation and my youngest son and I worked together to do it so I recommend two people will make it much easier and more successful so it doesn’t dry before being rinsed off. Our panels were very dirty so we used a soft wide floor brush to scrub off the grime while being rinsed and that did a good job of cleaning.”

4) Prioritize your safety, please. Don’t get on your roof unless you are aware of the risks and have experience doing so. Otherwise, call your installer to get them cleaned. Some companies include cleaning in the maintenance agreement.

Got your own tips, or questions? Email [email protected] and we’ll get you an answer.

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