Host a Honk for Solar Event in your City

Host a Honk for Solar event in your city

Opposition to the Solar Tax must ring from every street corner in California. To that end, we hope you will host a Honk for Solar event at a busy street corner in your city sometime in the next two weeks. 

Hosting is super simple. First complete this form to tell us where and when your event will be. We will send you an email with additional instructions, which include guidance on sign-making and other details. On the day of your Honk for Solar event, head over to your chosen location, give the signs out to anyone who is joining you, and smile and wave at drivers!! The event itself is an hour, plus some time to make signs and travel to your chosen location. 

We are doing this because sunshine is our strength. We’ve gotten this far with Gov. Newsom in part because both the traditional news media and social media are abuzz about this issue. We have to keep that up and more. Your Honk for Solar event can give local reporters another excuse to cover this issue, while creating a new batch of powerful photos and videos that show Governor Newsom the depth and breadth of public opinion out in communities across the state.

Will you host a Honk for Solar event in your city sometime in the next two weeks?