Get Solar Growing Again – Call your legislator

Thank you! Will you amplify your message with a quick phone call to your Assemblymember in support of SB 1374?

Lawmakers tell us all the time that phone calls are powerful and can really influence their decisions.

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“My name is ____. I live in _________. I am calling to ask the Assemblymember to vote Yes on SB 1374 when it comes up in committee. Please do not believe the utility misinformation about rooftop solar. Make sure that schools, renters, and farms have the ability to benefit from solar energy. Thank you.”

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Action request: Restore solar rights for schools, renters, and farmers

Last year, the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to severely restrict the ability of schools, renters, and farmers to benefit from rooftop solar. The CPUC stripped these consumers of the ability to use their own rooftop solar to power their buildings. They instead gave the utility ownership of the solar energy produced by these customers—and required the customers to buy it back from the utility! 

SB 1374 (Becker) is a bill pending in the state Legislature that would undo the CPUC’s decision and ensure that renters, schools, and farms can benefit from rooftop solar in the same manner as homeowners. It has already passed the state Senate, and is now being considered in the Assembly.

Please ask your state Assemblymember to Vote Yes on SB 1374!

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