Get Solar Growing Again – Call your legislator

Thank you! Will you also call your Assemblymember and Senator? Follow these four quick steps.

1) Lookup your legislators here

2) Here is a sample phone message

“My name is _____. I live in ______. I am calling to ask you to get rooftop solar growing again for consumers this legislative session. Rooftop solar is one of the best ways for people to control their energy bills. We need to make it easier, not harder, for people to get it.”

Note: If they ask is you are calling about specific bills, list the following: AB 1999, AB 2619, SB 1374, AB 2256, AB 2054, SB 938, and AB 3105. Learn more about the bills here.

3) Let us know you made the call!

4) Spread the word

Here’s a sample message you can email or post on social media such as Next Door or Facebook.

Action request: Tell your legislator to get rooftop solar growing again


I have encouraging news. A group of state lawmakers are proposing to get rooftop solar growing again in California while also protecting your right to make solar energy without taxes or penalties.

Will you send your legislators a message telling them they need to join their colleagues and act now to get rooftop solar growing again?

Follow this link to send them a message:

Thank You!