Glendale Go Solar 2022

Dear City Council: Please make Glendale a solar leader!

“Dear Glendale City Council:

Glendale is behind the rest of California when it comes to using our rooftops to make clean, local energy from the sun. Statewide, about 10% of all ratepayers have adopted rooftop solar, compared to less than 3% in Glendale.

Our wonderful, sunny city can do much better. Please adopt and prioritize a plan to make Glendale a solar leader – one that encourages residents, apartment buildings, businesses and community institutions to install solar panels and batteries.

More rooftop solar and batteries will benefit all residents whether or not they adopt solar and reduce pollution. This is the kind of long-term thinking I expect from our city leaders.


Two ways Glendale can become a solar leader

1) Streamline the permitting, inspection and interconnection process for getting rooftop solar and batteries. Move to instantaneous online permitting for projects that are straightforward and meet code requirements, eliminate outdated rules such as those that require two meters for a solar system.

2) Maintain and strengthen Glendale’s net metering program in ways that allow solar to pencil out for more middle and working class residents, including multi-family homes and apartment buildings. This could include ideas such as increasing the credit solar users receive for sharing their extra energy with the grid, or an up-front rebate to help reduce the cost of installing solar and/or batteries.