Everyone Under the Sun Wants More Solar

Tell Gov Newsom: Keep Solar Growing​

Californians want more rooftop solar, not less

That has been the message from opinion polls and more than 150,000 people who have written, called, marched and testified over the past year. That’s the message from more than 600 nonprofit organizations, cities, school districts and community leaders. And that’s the message from the state’s major newspapers

More rooftop solar helps solve a lot of problems

Rooftop solar gives households and businesses control over skyrocketing utility bills. Solar-powered batteries protect people from blackouts. When people go solar, they reduce their burden on the grid, saving everyone money and helping to prevent power outages. And rooftop solar helps reduce pollution and clean up the air. 

So why in the world are state officials even considering slowing down rooftop solar?

Despite the obvious, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is considering taxing people for putting solar panels on their roof and other utility-backed changes that will discourage working people from getting solar. 

Those changes would be good for utility profits, but bad for the public.

We need Governor Newsom to take leadership, stand up to the utilities and keep solar growing.