CleanTechnica: Connecting Solar Owners in Support of Solar Rights

Nice feature of Solar Rights Alliance in CleanTechnica today!

Read the whole story here. It lays out some of the threats solar users face from utility industry lobbying:

“The push for ensuring current solar feed-in regulations remain in place is not some fiction from the far left. Rather, it is a very real need as, even in progressive states like California, utilities continue to lobby against solar with subversive bills designed to give them control over rooftop generation and residential energy storage.”

The piece goes on to say:

“Net metering is up for debate again in California and, “we know that utilities are going to fight very very hard to weaken or just kill net metering as we know it,” [Executive Director] Dave [Rosenfeld] related. Net metering is the fundamental regulation that allows customers with rooftop storage to feed daytime solar generation into the grid at a fair rate and to consume power when they need it out of that stored credit of electricity with the utility. The Solar Rights Alliance is working to both educate its members and to actively advocate for solar rights in the state.”

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