When you show up, solar wins

“…your officials have an interest in getting re-elected. Meeting with them, expressing your point to them directly, I think it can have a big impact.”  – Irvine resident Raj Pandey We agree with Raj. The Solar Bill of Rights was approved unanimously by the Senate Energy Committee in April in large part because the room was packed with 50 supporters,…

Interview with Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director

The international solar inverter company SMA recently interviewed Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director about the organization and priorities. We’re grateful for the exposure, and the opportunity to unpack how the Solar Rights Alliance is working to defend the rights of all solar users, current and future, to make their own energy from the sun without utility malarkey. Read the interview.

Are you being switched to a new electricity provider?

To solar users Clean Power Alliance Service area: We recommend that you opt out of Clean Power Alliance right away. The deadline is March 31. You can opt-out of Clean Power Alliance by calling 888-585-3788.  Why are we recommending this? After looking into this, it appears that Clean Power Alliance has not worked out key details of transitioning residential solar users from…