Mia Livas Porter is the best choice for Assembly District 52

Mia Livas Porter is a rooftop solar supporter who is running to represent California Assembly District 52. Solar Rights Alliance has decided to endorse Mia. This is the first time Solar Rights Alliance has endorsed any candidate running for the Legislature. We want to share our reasons for taking this unprecedented step.

1) Mia Livas Porter is running to replace incumbent Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo, who is leading the utilities’ attack on rooftop solar in the Legislature.

  • Asm. Carrillo has co-authored three bills over the last three years intended to slap consumers with a Solar Tax and slash the credit solar users receive for sharing their extra energy with the grid: AB 2582AB 1139, and AB 2143.
  • Asm. Carrillo is the 14th largest recipient of utility industry donations since 2017.

2) In sharp contrast with the incumbent, Mia has demonstrated herself – in both words and actions – to be a vocal supporter of the right to make solar energy without unreasonable interference by the utility.

  • In her written responses to our Candidate Questionnaire, Mia is against a Solar Tax and is in favor of ensuring that rooftop solar continues to pencil out for middle and working class households. Mia also supports maintaining protections for existing solar users.
  • Mia publicly opposed last year’s Utility Profit Grab bill (AB 1139, co-authored by her opponent).
  • Mia marched side-by-side with thousands of solar users and workers in January to protest the CPUC’s Solar Tax proposal.
  • Mia was one of hundreds of solar users who waited for hours to provide one minute of public comment to the CPUC.

3) Mia is running an impressive grassroots campaign, with lots of volunteers canvassing and engaging in other outreach activities.

Mia is not a career politician, but does have significant life and activist experience, and is putting that to good use on her campaign. We need more people like Mia in Sacramento.

We understand that a candidate’s position on rooftop solar may be just one of many criteria that you may have when casting your ballot. We evaluated Mia only on the basis of her rooftop solar stances. With respect to rooftop solar, Mia is the clear choice. You can learn more about Mia’s other stances at her website.

There are three ways AD 52 constituents can support Mia

  • Vote for Mia Livas Porter for Assembly on your ballot when it arrives in the mail. Ballots must be postmarked or returned to a voting site by November 8th.
  • Donate to Mia’ campaign
  • Volunteer on Mia’s campaign

This blog post was paid for by Solar Rights Alliance

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