Good news: Cities can’t tax your solar thanks to state lawmaker action

State lawmakers took a stand for your right to make solar energy by ensuring local governments can’t tax your solar. Background: local governments often charge taxes on services like cable and electricity. They’re called Utility Utilization Taxes (UUT). A few years ago, state lawmakers correctly recognized that you should not get taxed for the solar energy that you make and…

Eight ways your solar benefits everyone

The utilities killed the Solar Bill of Rights by falsely telling lawmakers that your solar is an expensive burden on the electrical grid. That claim, greased by campaign contributions and scores of lobbyists, prompted influential lawmakers to secretly gut the bill. Solar users know the truth: your solar system not only benefits you individually, but the entire community as well….

Solar heros of the month

These folks helped lead the successful grassroots opposition to the Sacramento utility’s proposed $40-$60 per month solar fee. Since then, they’ve organized lobby days for the Solar Bill of Rights and launched a new campaign to improve their utility’s approach to solar. Pictured left to right are Gabor Leidenfrost, Lee Miller and Alan Escarda (Solar Rights Alliance Executive Director Dave…

When you show up, solar wins

“…your officials have an interest in getting re-elected. Meeting with them, expressing your point to them directly, I think it can have a big impact.”  – Irvine resident Raj Pandey We agree with Raj. The Solar Bill of Rights was approved unanimously by the Senate Energy Committee in April in large part because the room was packed with 50 supporters,…

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